Veronica Miano.

I Craft Positive
Digital Experiences.

About Me

Small Details Make A Big Impression. My designs span both the digital, physical, and experiential worlds.


What I Do.

Over 10 years of work experience I have matured business
requirements skills which allows me to propose
cutting edge ideas for features and content.


My experience spans from early-stage strategic planning to final prototyping with use of consistent visual design languages.
Focusing on branding, interface design, packaging, brand assets, marketing concepts, in-store experience and social media content. 


Always focusing on on user-centered design methodologies.
Trend analysis through benchmarking and industry research.
Consistency check of graphics decisions under the brand guidelines.


I enjoy shaping concepts into wireframes and mockups that lead to intuitive user experiences. Creating personas, concepts, wireframes, user stories and user journeys.

UX Certification @Politecnico di Milano


I partner with the client to to turn challenges that elevate brand experiences, defining user interface, designing visual templates pixel perfect, prototypes and devising elegant solutions.


Let's Expolore Idea

First I dream, Next I design, Lastly I build.

Cosmetic Easter design

I created this Easter Design using real elements from the product contained within. This eggs concept allows to recognize the product immediately like an elegant Easter gift. Details

Supermarket Chain Shopping Experience

My primary focus was to create a better shopping experience and bridge the gap between online and offline shopping. Details

Real time marketing

Social Page Content Creation. I designed cover images and promoted posts. The goal is to create fun and appealing content getting brand involved with the latest news story. Details

Perfume Concept Design

Advertising perfume us much more than selling a scent or aroma. It is potentially a carrier for the imagination, this is why I combined design elements to tap into the human psychology and link the brand with idea of natual ingredients. Details

UX/UI and Visual Design

The general objective for this project was to develop an optimized experience showing the Benefits of Martial Arts Programs. Details

Digital Marketing Infographic

The objective was highlight the progress being made in various areas in supply chain and logistics. Details

User centred design concept

The challenge was to design an environmentally sustainable packaging design concept that suits the brand’s visual identity and offer a positively memorable user experience. Details

Fun Tid Bits

  • For several years I competed in Karate competitions.

    I did a retreat in Shaolin Temple where I’ve learnt from Monk master martial art secret,
    meditation and Chinese philosophy.

    I've completed two obstacle races,
    Reebok Spartan Race and The Hell Race.

    Author image
  • I got to swim with whales and turtles at Maldives.

    Cat-mom for 8 years.

    Camping in Africa's Serengeti Park
    and I had to feed little tiger.

    Author image